The Social Dilemma

A new Netflix independent docudrama, The Social Dilemma, is creating a stir among social media thinkers. Are we losing our ability to communicate and respect those with opposing views? What does the future look like when the all of our brains are manipulated and monetized by digital algorithms? We break it down.

00:00 I’m disturbed
00:49 Casey Neistat
00:57 John doesn’t have a Netflix account
2:44 The Social Dilemma
3:10 Food Inc.
3:51 Jaron Lanier
4:55 Social media doing our “bidding”
7:50 Users are losers
9:00 The rabbit hole of social media
10:40 It’s a “little” harder to frustrate the algorithm
11:20 John mentions Trump
13:31 They’re not getting the same news
15:10 Howard only sees lefty stuff on Facebook
16:22 John describes social media radicalization
17:51 The money is in the division
18:31 We’re all victims
19:22 How deep is the manipulation
19:50 John’s conservative friends
20:30 Pizzagate
22:30 Will Trump agree to transfer power, if he loses?
24:20 Where did we go wrong?
26:02 Arguing with Conservatives
28:05 There is an objective truth
29:55 How many “likes” are enough?
30:00 Never enough
32:50 Howard spends way too much time on social media
33:20 How do we find compassion and empathy in a digitally polarized world?
34:52 What’s the answer?
35:52 How bad this can get
36:52 Shoshana Zuboff
37:30 Some markets are illegal already, why is it legal to traffic in our brains
39:00 ActBlue
40:47 The advertising model sucks
43:00 Citizens United, money is speech
45:47 Fact checking
47:06 Back in the days when everyone got their news from the same place
49:37 Can you have a real discussion with someone you disagree with on social media?
52:40 Lincoln extended mercy and generosity to the former Confederates

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