What is fear and why is it so powerful at a time in human history when angry bears and rolling boulders are hardly threats?

Creativity Challenge

Even the most influential content creators struggle with fear of judgement. Here’s how I push through my creativity anxiety.

Cultivating Creativity

Tapping your own creativity takes courage and, for most, an audience. We discuss how to overcome your fears and let your muse guide you.

Romantic Relationships in Midlife, Simplified

You see, you don’t need a Ph.D. in love. You just have to be a learner in how to love. That’s what openness is. You’re opening yourself up to new ideas and concepts and experiences. Instead of being an expert, you are keeping a beginner’s mindset.

Romantic Relationships

What does it mean to start and build a romantic relationship in midlife? Howard and John discuss their real experiences.

The Imposter Syndrome

Howard and John

The Imposter Syndrome is a belief that you’re inadequate, destined for failure and soon to be declared a fraud. Howard and John get real about feeling insecure and what they do to cope.

Habits vs Decisions

Can’t decide whether or not to make your bed every morning? Try replacing decisions with habit and watch your energy levels rise.

Building Good Habits

Staying healthy in midlife isn’t as hard as you might think. After 40, we know ourselves… and we don’t need to impress others. Howard and John discuss their routines and what they do to maintain balance and clarity.

Midlife Motivation

John wanted me to build the podcast website. I said “yes.” Then, I totally lost motivation. I called him and it started a long discussion.