The Imposter Syndrome

The Imposter Syndrome is a belief that you’re inadequate, destined for failure and soon to be declared a fraud. Howard and John get real about feeling insecure and what they do to cope.

0:00 Good or well, the midwest mannerisms 

1:45 Introduction to Imposter syndrome

2:40 Imposter syndrome defined: Howard starts

3:30 Fraud? 

4:00 Is it a feeling? No. It’s a state

4:45 John defines it

5:35 John’s experience of this when he started his first company

8:25 Facing fears and anxiety 

9:10 The loneliness of feeling like an imposter

11:00 Needing to deliver

11:45 Howard’s struggle with this

12:20 It’s even more intense even in his 50’s and even after having successes 

13:15 It caused him to pass on a great project: Howard opens up

14:25 He got overwhelmed with a feeling that he would fail

16:02 What was the self talk going on in Howard

18:00 We lie to ourselves

19:50 Howard’s history with this

21:00 What’s causing this syndrome for Howard

22:25 If you know you struggle with all of this, how do you help press it into your understanding?

23:10 John answers how he took on bigger and bigger projects and how he dealt with this

24:20 What failure looked like to John

25:55 How Howard was able to envision failure and what it caused him to do

27:00 The benefit of having a good partner

28:00 How can self talk help us to short circuit imposter syndrome 

29:05 “I am a failure”: the power of identity 

29:45 When Howard first heard the term imposter syndrome while listening to Chris Lema

32:00 The grooves in our minds

32:30 Chris Lema’s talk

32:40 The power of journaling to fight anxiety from a cognitive neuroscientist

35:35 John’s journaling habit helps him

37:05 New blog post about habits 

37:50 Thoughts are trees and you can reframe your thoughts

39:25 Why is this syndrome good?

41:15 It’s all about mindset, especially in midlife

43:40 When you learn you might feel like an imposter, but push through it

44:20 Focusing on flow is key

46:10 How do you know when something is over your head at work or a project?

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