The Future of Brick & Mortar

The Covid-19 pandemic is destroying retail. Or is it? We discuss the future of retailing IRL.

0:00 Intro

2:16 our background

3:01 the macro view. 

4:15 restaurants are a great business 

5:35 the challenge of tech in restaurants

7:00 the credit card and payments 

8:50 giftcards

9:20 the POS system and the difficulty of it

11:35 Pandemic and solutions 

12:35 NYC restaurant, shutting down Prune

13:00 Fine dining and its difficulties and dynamics

14:10 Price and marketing, “Two levers”

14:40 Use tech to create liquidity: make money through tech, name subscription

16:20 Curbside pickup at Louie. Pros and cons of curbside

16:50 Curbside for fine dining? 

17:50 Change pricing to make curbside more appealing

18:15 Challenges of curbside for fine dining

20:05 Subscriptions and curbside for bars

21:25 Is fine dining coming back like Vicia?

22:45 Fast food and the definition of “quality.”

24:12 Mom and pop shops and coffee shops surviving in pandemic

25:00 Look at Starbucks

25:15 Master the technology and educate yourself 

25:35 Contactless payment 

26:25 Create content and coffee shops to sell subscriptions 

27 Sell coffee subscriptions 

27:40 Panera coffee subscription and tech

29:15 Applying or retooling Panera’s subscription to higher end coffee shops

31:40 Coffee gift card recharge card

33:35 Howard as a consumer

34:15 John’s cookie company and Midwestern consumer behavior 

36:00 Higher end coffee shops in St. Louis: Blueprint, Kaldis, Sump 

36:45 Customers are different throughout the day

37:50 What is technology in the restaurant business?

39:30 The importance of data

40:10 Role play: Howard owns a coffee shop and what would you do to survive this time? 

41:50 What is one thing, the most important thing, you would do?

44:00 John shares how he is marketing his startup cookie company

46:00 Shopify

47:26 Howard shares last thoughts about location based businesses: Know your neighbors

48:55 Howard “the mayor”

49:20 Even though Howard’s introverted

50:15 Closing thoughts and next week’s topic of conversation

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