Reinventing Yourself

We all have more agency than often realize. We can reshape our lives. We can even reinvent ourselves. That’s what we talk about in today’s episode. We, Howard Lerner and John Pa, share our stories of when we were forced to reinvent ourselves and what we learned from those moments.

0:00 A story of reinvention
2:10 It’s possible to reinvent yourself because Howard has reinvented himself many times
2:20 How and why did Howard do it?
2:40 Howard’s reinvention story
4:35 Howard gets a call that changed his life
5:20 “You’re out of business…”
6:00 Howard and his business partner revolutionized their business
7:00 Howard’s life changed
7:55 They got a lot of help
8:35 What he learned
9:50 Their business grew
10:55 Bad news is good
15:05 “It was the best moment of my life”
16:00 What Howard and his partner did to figure out how to move forward: Take inventory
18:25 They worked with others and went with quality
20:00 They reinvented coffee in their region
21:05 How did Howard do this as an introvert?
24:00 Having a purpose made the biggest difference
25:30 Howard reflects on his story
26:20 Can you proactively reinvent yourself, or is it learned?
28:05 What would you do if you lost all of your money or your job or…?
29:00 You have agency
29:30 Howard moved a lot as a kid
30:10 John’s reinventions of himself
33:33 What was your inflection point?
37:15 There have been moments of reinvention in your life for any midlifer
38:45 Getting on with your own reinvention
39:50 Don’t let the world tell you who you are
40:35 The stories we tell ourselves define us, reflect on it
41:50 Question everything
42:25 Look for the opportunities
42:45 Getting screwed to success
44:00 Unlearn or un-know yourself
46:45 The really hard part of reinventing yourself
47:00 How John proactively reinvented himself
48:00 John started writing
49:45 When you start you need to get over thinking you’ll look stupid
50:50 Howard’s challenge and words of encouragement

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