Midlife Motivation

John wanted me to build the podcast website. I said “yes.” Then, I totally lost motivation. I called him and it started a long discussion.

0:00 Intro: Why we’re talking about motivation

1:00 “Zero motivation”

1:45 We all need motivation in these times

3:00 How did Howard Lerner know that he had a motivation issue? 

4:00 Asking for help

4:20 He’s been having more issues with motivation lately 

4:35 His current work, wordpress website development

5:00 He’s working alone

5:45 He’s distracted and takes time to get focused

7:05 Having a hard time finding inspiration 

7:35 John Pa states what he think is causing Howard’s motivation problem 

9:00 The difficulties of working with clients and the relationship with Howard

9:23 Is Howard in the right line of work and his journey to where he is now

10:30 What Howard does when he loses motivation and inspiration

11:30 Howard’s issues with current political leadership

12:30 What kept Howard motivated in the coffee business?

13:00 The relationship with the customer

13:30 He loves it even as an introvert

14:50 The difference between the coffee business and web development 

16:50 “Trading time for money” and why Howard keeps on doing it

18:30 The condition of most people and their relationship with their work: “Living for the weekend”

19:20 One shot at this life, so what do you do now?

20:10 “Feeling trapped” in your work and the difficulty of making a job transition

20:45 Healthcare problem

21:45 “Slavery,” but people aren’t slaves

22:40 “We’re all trapped” 

23:00 Howard has freedom and he doesn’t have any excuses 

23:55 Dealing with fears and looking for that spark

25:20 How to break through feeling trapped and finding that spark

25:35 “Blundering my way”

26:45 Being more intentional in finding a better way forward discovering a motivating path

29:10 John Pa’s journey with starting and growing a website development agency and how he stayed motivated  

30:30 Why John started writing and how it’s motivating 

32:10 How I grew as a writer and why John thinks he was a “terrible writer”

33:45 John loves writing for other and creating work for himself 

35:50 One of the hardest things about writing and blogging

36:35 Howard talks about the fear of being vulnerable and feeling like an imposter

38:00 Everyone hates feeling vulnerable and it can squelch motivation 

38:38 Handmaid’s Tale (affiliate link) and the author Margaret Atwood 

40:30 What I think Howard should be doing 

42:00 What Howard likes doing and what he enjoys 

42:20 “The tinkerer”

43:00 Another idea for Howard 

44:55 Websites and they need to make ROI

45:20 How do you break the mould or reinvent yourself in your midlife? 

46:10 Howard gives his answer

46:35 Risk more than you can handle

47:58 How do you risk, what does that look like? 

50:05 How Howard risked when he started his business 

51:55 “You’ve got to go big”

52:00 “How are you going big right now, Howard?”

52:20 People who went big, two of them: one: J. K. Rowling’s story and rise with Harry Potter (affiliate link)

53:00 Two: Dude Perfect the YouTube Channel 

54:00 Closing thoughts

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