Learning in Midlife

You don’t need to be a student to learn. Learning is a mindset that can be cultivated at any age, even in midlife. And it can be one of the most rewarding things we can do. Howard and John share what they’ve learned about learning and how they continue to learn even as they age.

0:00 A digression before we begin: The last presidential debate
3:30 Will we trust polling?
5:20 What we are talking about today: Learning
5:50 What are you learning…or, What are you unlearning?
6:50 What is “unlearning”?
7:30 Howard is trying to be more “open,” and he’s starting with his politics
11:40 Howard knows he needs to unlearn and be more self aware and realize he’s wrong
12:15 “It’s wrong to be wrong”: The stigma of being wrong
13:58 How to change your mind?
15:30 Confirmation bias is a big problem
17:45 An example when Howard realized he was wrong
19:20 We are often unaware when we’re wrong
21:05 Are we telling lies when we propagate untruths?
22:15 How we can learn?
26:00 Putting ourselves in work that challenges us to learn
28:00 Howard is questioning if he’s in an industry that may become obsolete
29:00 Is Howard able to stay motivated?
30:45 Howard challenges himself to learn more, especially in fitness
31:20 How to learn something technical and the art of committing
32:20 What keeps Howard motivated in learning new skills in fitness
35:20 Should we quit learning certain things and overcoming the temptation to quit?
39:50 John has to enjoy things he’s learning, even if they’re difficult: Flow state matters
41:00 John quit learning CSS after trying for a bit
42:30 The question you can ask yourself to know what you should be learning
43:50 The learning materials you use make a big difference
45:50 The liberal arts matter
46:40 What is Howard learning about himself these days
50:35 What is John learning about himself these days
59:58 Last thought about learning from Howard
60:03 John’s last thoughts and how do you know when to quit

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