Is this a good time to start something new?

These are chaotic times but is it a good time to start something new?

0:00 Intro

0:40 Judy Glik didn’t like Howard’s glasses and he is open to feedback

2:17 Touching on the political environment 

3:15 Touching on the markets and risk

4:00 Starting something new in your vocation or work?  Yes, it is

4:40 Reflecting on past businesses John Pa started

5:00 What does it look like to start something new

5:28 Howard Lerner reframes the question into problem solving

6:10 “Problems present opportunities”

6:28 “Not all problems make money” How to make money solving problems

7:05 Find the pain points and relieve them (e.g. childcare)

8:22 Pursuing your passion or finding your passion and still stay in your job

9:45 “Be brutally honest with yourself when you starting a business”

10:30 You need to have plan and your passion isn’t a plan

11:55 How you plan and pursue something new

13:00 When Howard and Suzanne started Kaldi’s Coffee and how they planned

14:40 Cutting costs or personal expenses and what it means in midlife

15:50 John’s thoughts on how to make a life pivot: “It’s a stroll”

16:20 Try things

16:25 John didn’t have a plan

16:38 “John you’re super lucky”

16:55 “The journey is iterative”

18:20 Take stock of what you’re interested in

19:00 Find that interest and find ways to solve problems 

19:12 John’s online cookie business with his wife, Clean Cookie Company

20:10 You can use Etsy and sell your crafts

20:14 Babysteps and the mindset of going outside of your comfort zone

21:14 “Imagine yourself free”

22:18 “I’m completely unqualified” -John Pa

23:35 “Times of problems create times of opportunity” -Howard Learner

23:56 Nathaniel Reid

25:00 Ted Ibur, a retired teacher, created online writing classes, called Gifted Writers

27:00 Howard Lerner and Rob Grimm helped Ted create the online courses

27:25 The internet helped Ted create passive income and scaled his business

28:30 Tech has helped us create infinite reach (Grain’s newsletter)

30:00 Creating community 

31:30 Where are the opportunities? 

31:50 Childcare

33:00 Real estate and the process of selling it

34:00 Smaller things to try…like writing on Medium. A website started by Evan Williams

34:45 The Medium Partner Program will pay you for your writing if people read your writing

36:45 Designers can work with Fiverr or 99Designs

37:05 John Pa shares how he’s made money on Medium; it’s amazing!

38:00 How long it took John to write the post; started with his blog

38:20 Submitting your work to a publication on Medium and a little bit how this works

39:00 John, how did you get yourself to start the engine of creating or writing?

40:10 Write every single day

40:20 Post even when it’s embarrassing 

41:00 John planned out his life by decades

41:45 Commit to creating and it gets easier 

42:30 Eventually, “it becomes natural”

42:55 John’s blog evolved into this podcast

43:40 How has it been starting this podcast for Howard?

44:00 “I grow when I’m challenged” -Howard Lerner

44:30 Using skills garnered to start the podcast

45:50 How did you get over the challenge to publish the podcast and put yourself out there?

47:00 Howard feels alive from podcasting 

47:40 Finding a partner and partnership

49:00 If you want to find a possible partner reach out to us, and we will try to match you

49:20 IRS has issued 500,000 new EINs

50:10 Stripe has $1 billion in new sales since the pandemic  

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