What is fear and why is it so powerful at a time in human history when angry bears and rolling boulders are hardly threats?

1:00 This episode is late
1:47 We’re talking about fear
2:30 John feels fear in the chest
3:47 John defines fear as a thief of joy
4:23 Fear is a form of living in the future
5:47 What is the latest thing Howard is fearing?
6:00 Mortal fears such as traffic accidents and bears
8:11 What do you fear the most?
8:30 The feeling of emotional loss, abandonment, rejection, judgement
9:43 John’s greatest fear was being abandoned by his spouse
12:00 John is afraid of being abandoned
13:04 We’re sensitive guys
14:30 How did John overcome his fear of being abandoned?
15:09 Fear was replaced by trust, and it healed me
16:00 Irrational fear
16:50 Physical vs. emotional fear
18:05 Epiphany: I saw my relationship in a different light
19:30 Enlightenment happens when John is running
21:30 How do you overcome your fears?
22:30 Howard’s therapist
23:19 Howard’s fears are of public embarrassment
25:33 I was fearless when it came to performing
27:55 John breaks down the fear response
29:10 Breaking through the fear is a magical growth moment
30:30 Fear and hate
34:20 What do you do to manage your fear?
35:12 Distraction and curiosity
36:25 Don’t think of lollipops
37:15 John’s vivid childhood imagination
38:30 What’s the worst thing that could happen?
40:00 Do you challenge your fears?
40:25 Covid-19 fear
42:30 You can train yourself to meet fear with curiosity
44:12 Follow through your fear and see where it goes

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