We all experience failure. It’s baked into success. John and I share our stories of when things go sideways. Spoiler alert: failure is just a mindset, and we prove it.

1:00 How we overcome it (or don’t)
2:00 My gym is closing and then I have a failure
3:15 How a bad idea launches
5:25 How failure feels
8:24 Missing expectations = feeling of failure
9:50 John disagrees. Says it wasn’t a failure
11:30 Feelings of regret
12:20 John says failure is a mindset
13:26 What’s the big deal about failing?
15:15 Failure feels like rejection
16:16 Failed marriage
17:19 Resilience
19:50 Big failures
21:00 Howard describes an early failure with Kaldi’s Coffee
24:36 Failure is relative
25:06 Identity plays into the intensity of failure
26:31 John’s first big failure: t-shirt company, Umami Clothing Company
28:00 The contributing factors of a failure
29:53 The anatomy of a failure
31:00 When your marketing fails, start a marketing company
33:45 Embracing our failures
35:00 Failure is the realization of The Imposter Syndrome
37:05 Pushing through others’ warning of impending failure
38:50 John experiences depression sometimes in the face of failure
40:32 Failure is inevitable
40:50 The theory of sunk costs
42:21 John: “If we get obsessed with our losses, we lose track of our gains.”
43:14 Have you ever been stuck in a failure?
45:19 When my business isn’t doing well, I’m failing
48:03 Feeling failure in mid-life
49:48: Success doesn’t inoculate you against feelings of failure
51:48 Serious, life-risking failures
52:45 John says that regret is the cousin of failure
53:41 Any failure can be redeemed
54:50 Mitigating regret

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