Making Money Online

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what the future holds for your finances. Be prepared and start an online side hustle. Yes, you can do it.

1:00 New York Times pandemic coverage graphics
2:30 the state of business right now
3:30 median savings for people in their 40s is $63,000
5:45 is there a way to make money online?
8:09 Tik Tok Ocean Spray guy
11:07 the content creator’s pattern
12:41 consistency
13:55 I’m afraid to put myself out there
14:50 take a personal inventory
15:40 fix a toilet
16:57 repair your dryer video – 220,000 views!!
20:00 review your own car
21:52 creating content consistently is challenging
23:24 John says passion is overrated
25:19 ecommerce
26:14 know your niche
26:35 you can start an ecommerce store for less than $100
27:15 Shopify
27:25 Clean Cookie Company
35:00 Medium as a money-making platform for writers
37:24 1,000 fans = a liveable wage
38:26 Substack for newsletter monetizing
39:58 Upwork for digital skills monetization
42:32 Fiverr is similar to Upwork
46:20 affiliate marketing, Amazon
48:30 Poshmark can turn your old shoes and clothes into cash, fast

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