Cultivating Creativity

Tapping your own creativity takes courage and, for most, an audience. We discuss how to overcome your fears and let your muse guide you.

0:00 Shooting the breeze and talk about pandemic and history of pandemics

2:30 The Body, (affiliate) great book that John is reading

3:30 Introducing the subject: creativity 

4:00 Is everyone creative? Yes

4:15 Every kid is creating things 

4:40 The latest newsletter John wrote

5:10 Education has killed our creativity and the death of art programs

6:00 Howard drew all of the time as a kid

6:35 Defining creativity: what is it?

7:00 Howard defines it as problem solving 

9:30 Jeff Koons, artists

10:00 The impracticality of creativity, especially fine art

12:15 Creativity is seen as a “special class”

13:40 What Howard does creatively? And how

15:00 Dribbble

15:40 Howard’s creative process

17:00 Tools Howard uses Google Drive, Evernote, Balsamic

18:50 John’s creative process

19:00 John’s tools Apple Notes, Evernote, iAWriter

21:25 Sometimes the technology gets in the way 

22:30 Why many of us struggle to create, yet many of us are creating (e.g. Instagram)

24:00 Embarrassment and how to get over it, or “push through it”

25:35 How do you push through?

29:00 The purpose of creating and sharing and the fear of putting yourself out there

30:35 Creativity is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone

31:20 What is that one thing inside of you that is holding you back? And what’s the worst that could happen if you started creating? 

33:00 We all have something that we want to do, but something inside of is holding us back

33:20 This is how you start

34:15 The importance of writing down your goals and desires

35:20 Thinking about death helps us live better. And what is failure, really?

37:00 Stephen King’s book on writing, On Writing (affiliate)

38:00 A writing course, 180 Prompt Challenge

39:00 A daily practice

40:30 John’s writing practice, from pain to pleasure

41:00 “Flow” 

43:30 Howard’s writing 

44:10 When do you create?

45:30 Closing thoughts from Howard: announce your aims and have accountability 

47:00 Reach out to us if you need to talk to someone or need accountability 

47:15 John’s closing thoughts 

48:05 Blogger who started in her 70’s

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