Building Trust in a Digital World

Everyone talks about trust, but what does it really mean? Howard and John discuss how organizations generate trust and what you can do to build it in your life.

0:00 Intro: our audio tech upgrade (thanks to Howard!)

1:00 The Howard and John Show and silliness and digressions

2:15 Introducing the topic: Building trust in a digital world

3:40 QVC

4:00 Defining trust

4:15 Howard Lerner defines trust

5:10 John throws in “Reliability” into the discussion

6:00 “Intimacy” or knowing someone closely without relationship

7:00 Howard’s banker and his trust

8:10 Following someone: My wife trusts Danielle Walker

10:00 There is no blind trust

10:30 “Lulled” into trust

11:35 Trust is efficient and saves us time

12:15 This trust doesn’t cost us much

13:00 How do you create trust in this world, like an influencer?

13:50 Howard Lerner answers

14:05 They create content and earn respect and trust

14:35 Generosity

14:50 Nurtured my respect 

15:05 Spending money is the next level of trust

15:25 All you have is content online

15:45 Create value and quality content 

16:15 What is quality content and the importance of content

17:45 Definition laid out

19:00 Who does Howard trust?

19:20 Seth Godin: Blogger

20:15 Consistency and its importance: He’s “reliable”

21:45 Amazon: The store we all use, especially these days

23:40 His banker is not completely digital

24:50 Flywheel: Web-hosting platform

26:40 John Pa gives the top three digital entities he trusts

26:45 Tim Ferriss: Famous author, blogger and podcaster 

28:05 Patrick O’Shaughnessy and his podcast Invest Like the Best

28:55 New York Times and Amazon

29:45 Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow (affiliate)

30:25 Howard expresses his thoughts on Tim Ferriss and Four Hour Work Week (affiliate)

31:50 Consistency garners trust and John has seen it through his blog

32:35 The importance of telling stories 

32:55 John talks about watching a YouTube Ad and how it made him trust

33:30 Charity Water and Scott Harrison

35:00 How do people get others to trust them enough to give or pay money online?

35:20 Howard’s problem with Instagram and TikTok

36:20 They are about entertainment

36:25 But they are consistent 

37:50 There’s not enough value on these platforms for him to buy

38:10 But he does buy from YouTube content because of the how-to videos

39:30 John’s counter argument for TikTok 

40:35 Entertainment does garner trust (e.g. celebrity)

42:00 Howard goes back to consistency and trust

42:30 Seth also entertains 

43:00 Format and length of content matters with building trust (even though our blog is fairly long)

44:25 Curating the people you trust

45:00 Howard’s closing thoughts

45:30 Usefulness of the content and its consistency 

47:10 Kindle (affiliate link): Howard loves it; so does John

48:00 John’s closing thoughts

48:05 Simplicity of language or relatability 

49:00 Communicate at a 6th grade level

49:55 Use a unique voice creates trust or distinguishes you

50:25 Creating content is imperative and keep it going

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