Building Good Habits

Staying healthy in midlife isn’t as hard as you might think. After 40, we know ourselves… and we don’t need to impress others. Howard and John discuss their routines and what they do to maintain balance and clarity.

00:55  Building Good Habits
2:00 Making your bed
4:45 Pro or anti nap?
5:23 John admits to taking 1.5-hour naps
5:40 Howard admits to 2-hour naps
6:40 How did Howard become a “bed maker?”
10:00 Howard’s morning is built around exercise
11:00 The snooze button
11:45 Morning routine
12:50 Howard is less influenced by others now than he was in his 30s and that’s a good thing.
15:50 John didn’t care in his 30s and was unhealthy
17:00 Rachel encouraged John to develop more healthy routines and he wrote a blog post about it.
17:55 Why John started the daily writing habit.
18.55 What trips people up as they try to start good habits
19:25 Self flagellation and being cruel to yourself
21:00 Tiny goals: John commits to a crunch or three a day
22:36 How to stop beating yourself up
22:49 Howard beats himself up and would like to stop
23:22 Stanford researcher does three pushups every time he goes to the bathroom.
25:22 John exercises at home. Howard goes to a CrossFit gym.
27:40 Is it harder to keep an exercise habit as you get older?
28.30 Howard’s daily pandemic lockdown workout
29:00 The year-long burpee challenge
30:00 If cigarettes were healthy…
31:00 What happens when you’re not feeling healthy?
32:00 What keeps you going once you have a good habit?
33:10 It takes about 90 days to form an exercise habit
34:00 The resilience of a healthy habit
35:21 John says going to the gym takes too much inertia
36:00 John works out at home with minimal setup to limit psychological friction
37:32 Howard’s other habits
39:32 TV and Ice Cream
40:00 Habits vs routines
40:50 Habits require giving something up
41:20 Mental gymnastics
41:40 Three times is NOT a habit
43:00 Holding yourself and other accountable
44:20 Pick your metrics
44:58 Building a base to develop a healthy habit
46:18 Why create a habit in the first place?
46:00 John removes all the little bits of friction to help establish a healthy habit
47:00 What would you recommend to people who want to start a healthy habit
48:30 Why Paleo and Whole30 diets are challenging behavior modifications?
50:40 John has been caffeine-free for years
51:25 A single behavior modification can impact many areas of your life. Beware!
52:32 John says finding a community is absolutely necessary for a new healthy habit to stick.
53:40 We get hooked on feeling bad – powerful prison
54:30 Unreasonable expectations
56:20 Pain is an effective motivator
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