Say Yes to Saying No

Saying no is hard. You know it; we know it; that’s why we’re talking about it. Howard Lerner and John Pa have a candid conversation about how they’ve made mistakes in saying yes to things they didn’t want to and how they are practicing saying no better. But it’s not just about saying no, we […]

Learning in Midlife

You don’t need to be a student to learn. Learning is a mindset that can be cultivated at any age, even in midlife. And it can be one of the most rewarding things we can do. Howard and John share what they’ve learned about learning and how they continue to learn even as they age.


Howard and I got into a conflict about a post that I wrote about the first presidential debate. The conflict was illuminating, and good. Here’s what we learned from it and what we think about conflict in general.

Reinventing Yourself

We all have more agency than often realize. We can reshape our lives. We can even reinvent ourselves. That’s what we talk about in today’s episode. We, Howard Lerner and John Pa, share our stories of when we were forced to reinvent ourselves and what we learned from those moments. 0:00 A story of reinvention2:10 […]

Cultivating Creativity

Tapping your own creativity takes courage and, for most, an audience. We discuss how to overcome your fears and let your muse guide you.

Romantic Relationships in Midlife, Simplified

You see, you don’t need a Ph.D. in love. You just have to be a learner in how to love. That’s what openness is. You’re opening yourself up to new ideas and concepts and experiences. Instead of being an expert, you are keeping a beginner’s mindset.